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About Latch
Latch is an IOT company that offers a full-building management solution called LatchOS—an operating system of software, products, and services designed to make buildings better. During my time there, Latch became a publicly traded company (Nasdaq: LTCH).
The Challenge
With the IPO, Latch needed to scale from a service provider of access-based products to a software-focused company with an enterprise-level product suite. To meet this objective, I drove the evolution of the core products and the design practice at Latch.
Design Team
Product Design
Tony Glorioso
Gyu Won Lee

My Role
Principal Designer
UX Architecture
Design System
Interface Design
Responsive Web
User Flows
New Systems
In collaboration with the product and engineering teams, I established a foundation of flexible, scalable systems in order to build the next generation of LatchOS—enabling new functionality, features, and products that weren't possible before.  
User Personas
Site Architecture

Design System
Responsive Web

UX Wayfinding
User Personas
Based on customer data and relationships, we defined personas that represented the key user types to guide us in the product development and design process.
Site Architecture
We evolved the the site architecture from a patchwork of database pages to a unified experience-focused structure—accommodating common use cases and product features.
Design System
To establish a consistent experience and aesthetic across Latch’s product suite, we developed a comprehensive, yet scalable design system—shared and referenced across multidisciplinary teams. The system increased product development efficiency while enabling distributed teams in their day-to-day.
Component Library
Responsive Web
New Functionality
In order to elevate LatchOS to enterprise-level software to meet customer and market demands, we introduced quintessential capabilities that allowed users to quickly perform common tasks that were previously laborious.
Interactive Table
Bulk Actions
Filters + Tags

Alerts Module
Chat Interface

Roles + Permissions
Activity + Video Log

Interactive Table +
Bulk Actions
The interactive table component was implemented across all the core pages of the experience, enabling users to intuitively view, organize, and take action on objects.
Alerts Module + Filters
The complete overhaul of the alerts and filters functionalities allowed users to stay organized and informed across the experience.
Activity + Video Log
Chat Interface
New Features
We unleashed the next generation of LatchOS by developing the necessary set of tools and features that unlocked data insights, advanced settings, communications, and activity visibility across the Latch product suite.
Welcome Page
Insights Tray
Data Dashboard

Reports + Exports
Integrations + APIs

Service Orders

Welcome Page + Insights Tray
The new welcome page gives users a proper welcome every time they log into the Latch experience with an overview of key health and performance metrics.
Reports + Exports
Data Dashboard
Integrations + APIs
A dedicated integrations and API hub gave the power to users to set up and manage their workflows on their own without the need to constantly reach out to support.
Integrations Hub
Setup Process
Success State
New Products
To enable customers to get more out of their properties and ultimately increase revenue and resident satisfaction, we released a range of original software-enabled products that unlocked all-new capabilities and efficiencies.
Delivery Assistant
Virtual Intercom

Visitor Express

Delivery Assistant
The 24/7 delivery management and remote doorman solution that streamlined the package delivery experience at buildings.
Virtual Intercom
The all-digital gateway solution that enabled convenient, secure, and affordable building access for guests and deliveries.
Visitor Express
Latch’s first ever commercial building solution, which enabled access control, multi-tenant and visitor management.
Within two years, we overhauled Latch’s product suite and launched a new full-building solution called LatchOS with a new design system. LatchOS received high regard from our biggest customers and stakeholders, internal and external. Latch now has foundational systems designed for efficiency, scalability, and visibility that has and will continue to allow them to evolve its brand, products, and business.
Properties onboarded
Spaces enabled
Customer churn
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